Saffron crocus harvesting of year 2018 has commenced

Saffron crocus harvesting has commenced in the village of Lyubymivka.

Preparing 1 kg of saffron requires about 250-350 (wo)men hours. This comes down to 3-4 gram per hour. Nevertheless just one stigma of saffron will complement and garnish any autumn dish!


Asparagus tasting at True&Local in Silpo

We would like to thank everyone who came to taste our asparagus this weekend on May 12-13 at True&Local festival in Silpo on Polyarna str. A real spring fest with fresh local products!

P.S. Special thanks to Silpo store for an invitation!


New packaging HEPRO

This season the shelf life of asparagus from Lyubymivka will double thanks to the new HEPRO packaging.

HEPRO packaging does not allow air to penetrate to the sprouts. Therefore asparagus stays fresh for up to 7-10 days.


First Purple Asparagus in Ukraine

This year "Gourmet z Lyubymіvky" team has prepared for you a pleasant surprise! We have got first harvest of purple asparagus in Ukraine.

Now exquisite purple asparagus will be sold in such store chains as Silpo, Metro and GoodWine along with green and white.


GoodWine Asparagus Tasting

We were glad to see all the gourmets and foodies on the asparagus feast this Saturday, April 21st at GoodWine store. To celebrate the beginning of spring with Lyubymivka asparagus and a glass of wine in the GoodWine store has already become a good and beloved tradition!


White and Green Asparagus Tasting

Tasting of white and green asparagus from Lyubymivka took place at GoodWine store in Kiev on Saturday, April 22.

Boden family and “GourmeT from Lubimovka” team cooked asparagus soup according to the family recipe and treated all the guests with asparagus with Hollandaise sauce as well as a perfect match of wine for each dish.