About us

The Agro Focus company it is about love for exquisite tastes and healthy farm products, namely asparagus and saffron spices. We grow them on the family farm in the Kherson region and produce them under the "Gourmet from Luybymivka" brand.

TOV Agro Focus

How It Began

For Johan Boden asparagus dishes were associated with warm family traditions because his father often cooked asparagus in Johan's childhood. To please her husband Larissa Boden decided to grow some asparagus in their garden, for her husband's birthday. And afterwards Johan willingly supposed wife’s idea.

Having no experience in agribusiness and no large areas, the Boden family started planting on the homestead property on the street Proletarian. The first white asparagus was planted in the village Luybymivka in 2007. The asparagus turned out to be very popular among friends and acquaintances. And the farm began to gradually expand.

From Hobby to Family Business

Currently, the company Agro Focus is the largest asparagus farm in Ukraine.

The company grows more than 47 hectares of asparagus and continues to expand its area.

2020.07.22 about us

European Growing Technologies


Asparagus is an unusual vegetable. It is a perennial culture and is planted for 8-12 years. It also requires special storage conditions, and its season lasts only 2 months a year.

Knowing all the subtleties, the Agro Focus company pays great attention to the technologies of growing, collecting and storing asparagus.

  • High-quality soil preparation before planting. The company carefully selects the best Dutch nurseries and tests seedling in accordance with the Ukrainian climate. Planting seedlings is carried out using special equipment.
  • The close proximity to the processing facilities allows us to preserve freshness of the products as much as possible.
  • Freshly cut asparagus is delivered every hour to the production site, where it is washed and cooled in a hydro cooler for several minutes to a temperature of +5 degrees.
  • Automatic cutting, sorting after cooling and cold storage or instant preparation for shipment.

These technologies allow us to fully preserve the useful vitamins and the great taste of asparagus.