Asparagus and restaurant business

Radio NV – 11.06.2020

Larissa Boden, co-founder of "Gourmet from Luybymivka", social entrepreneur, communication manager of asparagus Yana Malakova and Restaurateur Natalya Nevyadomskaya are guests of Dasha Malakhova's Kartata Potata program on Radio NV.

You can hear on the airwaves about the asparagus boom, new trends, the restaurant business, about the mission which restaurants communicate to the consumers, and about how preferences have changed due to quarantine.


The profitability of growing asparagus in Ukraine – 10.06.2020

According to Katerina Zvereva, Development Director of the Ukrainian Horticultural Association, the profitability of growing asparagus in Ukraine reaches 300%. About the plans of Agro Focus company in a short commentary by Larissa Boden for


Asparagus boom. Why this product has become super popular, who grows it and how much you can earn from it

NV Business – 7.06.2020

Asparagus has become the latest food fashion among Ukrainians. According to NV Business it is consumed and grown along with other new crops for the country: arugula, sweet potato and broccolini.


How asparagus is grown in Ukraine and what the benefits of this vegetable

ICTV – 03.06.2020

ICTV episode about growing asparagus on the "Gourmet from Luybymivka" farm.


About asparagus rush in Ukraine and business prospects with the opening of the land market

Radio Svoboda – 2.06.2020

An interesting interview with a young agronomist about the Ukrainian asparagus market. Information about "Gourmet from Luybymivka" is also here.

You can read in the interview what exactly Svetlan Fedchenko told.


How entrepreneurs earn today

Magazine "Private Entrepreneur" – 28.05.2020

The interview of Larissa Boden specially for the magazine "Private Entrepreneur", in which she shares her experience of creating a family business – the company "Agro Focus".


How and why to fall in love with asparagus: 5 secrets

PostEat – 15.05.2020

Larissa Boden, co-founder of the "Gourmet from Luybymivka" asparagus farm talked about the reasons to love asparagus and the role of this vegetable in our future.


Asparagus season is in full swing: three recipes to make you feel like a chef

winwin – 13.05.2020

The winwin editorial team, together with "Gourmet from Luybymivka" have prepared three recipesю Try to cook asparagus at home and feel like a real chef!


Survival and adaptation. How farmers are living the biggest crisis in the history of the restaurant business in Ukraine

The Village Ukraine – 8.05.2020

Restaurateurs call the quarantine "the biggest crisis in the history of the Ukrainian restaurant market." How has quarantine affected the farming business?

In the commentary, Larissa Boden talks about the impact of quarantine on Agro Focus and the measures which we have taken to get out of the situation.


How Europe and Ukraine communicated asparagus in different ways but agreed on one thing – 4.05. 2020

In Western Europe, asparagus has always been grown. It is very popular vegetable and is sold almost like strawberries in our country. And Ukrainian asparagus, since its birth 15 years ago, belonged to premium niche crops.

On the differences in the perception of one vegetable by Ukrainians and Europeans and the marketing of the brand "Gourmet from Luybymivka" in the article.