Asparagus season 2020 has started

"Gourmet z Lyubymivky" announces the beginning of the asparagus season. All three types — white, green and purple — will go to your table very soon.


The asparagus season started unusually this year. The first stems, as always, appeared at the end of March, and, as always, we greeted them with trepidation and love. But soon there was a sharp cold snap and the asparagus slowed down. And this is all during the quarantine period, when our dear lovers of asparagus were looking forward to welcoming spring, albeit in isolation, but in a family circle, with delicious dishes! But now the asparagus is ready to meet you.

Today, April 9, the first batch of asparagus for the 2020 season was sent to the market. And the first official buyer of this year was our neighbors in the region — the Trubetskoy Restaurant, who are now working to deliver fine wines. 10 kg of green and 2 kg of purple asparagus went there, which, by the way, are wonderfully combined with Riesling.
And very soon, asparagus will be on the shelves of the large supermarket chains: in Silpo, NOVUS, GoodWine, in the Myastoria, WINETIME stores, in the Stolichny market, as well as in the FreshMart online store.
Asparagus season 2020 promises to be generous!