Our creative special project with asparagus recipes from chefs has been released on WinWin

The farm "GourmeT z Lyubymivky" with the WinWin editorial team prepared three special recipes with asparagus from the best chefs. Soup, salad and toast — cook and enjoy!


The asparagus season is in full swing and will continue until mid-June.

There is a real asparagus boom in social networks: longtime asparagus fans and those who first discovered this product share their recipes and colorful photos.

The winwin team, together with the farm "GourmeT z Lyubymіvky" prepared three recipes — try to cook asparagus at home and feel like a real chef!

By the way, regarding the combination with wine, asparagus is a moody vegetable and is best combined with rieslings.

Asparagus soup

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Johan Boden, the founder of the “Gourmet z Lyubymivky” asparagus farm, the ex-owner of the “Chumak” company, loves white asparagus most of all for its sophisticated taste and tenderness.

Here's his recipe for white asparagus soup.

Peel 500g of white asparagus. Cut one onion into cubes and fry it with the asparagus peel for a few minutes in butter in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Add 1 liter of water and cook for 30 minutes over low heat. Separate the broth through a colander.

Make a creamy sauce — take 1 tbsp. of wheat flour and 1 tbsp. of butter, heat a saucepan with a thick bottom, melt the butter and fry the flour a little in it. Pour it in asparagus broth and add white pepper, paprika and salt to taste. Remove the pan from heat and cool slightly.

Beat 2 egg yolks and 200 ml cream separately. Add the egg cream to our soup and stir. No more boiling soup! Cut the boiled asparagus into small pieces and place on the bottom of a deep plate. Pour the soup, decorate with parsley.

An equally delicious soup can be made with green asparagus.

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Delicate salad with asparagus and soft cheese

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Vladimir Yaroslavsky, co-owner of the Lucky restaurant, brand chef of the Good Wine store, shared his advice on cooking asparagus and a recipe for a delicate salad from white asparagus.

In gastronomy, asparagus is a dietary and very healthy product, besides, it is super universal, it can be served with salmon, in salads, as a separate dish or as one of the elements for breakfast or dinner.

White asparagus, like green asparagus, is peeled from about the middle of the stem, from top to bottom — ideally done with a vegetable peeler. If the bottom is completely hard, cut off 1-2 cm. Then you can boil it in salted water for 1 minute and immediately move it into ice water — so it immediately cools down and does not become overcooked.

Then cut asparagus into strips with a vegetable peeler, dip them immediately into ice water and lemon juice, let stand for 20 minutes and use immediately in a salad.

Asparagus salad for 2:

  • 150 g chopped asparagus
  • 80 g baked young beets
  • 50 g radish
  • 50 g soft cheese
  • 30 g baby spinach
  • 15 g pumpkin seeds
  • 25 g hazelnuts
  • 60 g honey lemon dressing

Put all the ingredients on a plate, pour the dressing on top. I cook it simply in the proportion: 100g of olive oil, 15g of mustard, 40g of honey, 45g of lemon juice, salt to taste.

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Avocado toast with asparagus and poached egg

And if you're too lazy to cook, green asparagus can be eaten raw.

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As in the recipe of an avocado toast with asparagus and poached egg from YoungSchef Andrey Petrenko: at the age of 20, Andrey became the chef of Kiflik, and also developed a menu for One Love espresso bar, Parovoz, ErtiCava, Hello People, Uno.

You will need wheat or whole grain bread. Cut the avocado into small cubes, add olive oil, salt and lime juice to it.

Put the guacamole on the toasted bread, thinly sliced ​​fresh asparagus and a poached egg on top. It is easy to prepare: add apple cider vinegar to boiling water and beat in an egg without a funnel, after 3 minutes remove from heat so that the bubbles do not burst the protein. The egg can be sprinkled with salt, paprika, nuts and olive oil before placing on toast.

Fresh fruit can be added to this simple breakfast.

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