Asparagus season. What are the benefits of asparagus, why should it be included in your diet and where is it grown in Ukraine

NV Style – 27.04.2020

About "Gourmet from Luybymivka" ecologically pure asparagus without chemicals, about the beneficial properties of asparagus, and its therapeutic effect on the body in the interesting article from NV Style.


Asparagus, Europe and your first dish —J ohan Boden on a family business that has become a tradition – 26.04.2020

Johan Boden, a Swede who has lived in Ukraine for 25 years, one of the founders of the Chumak company, co-owner of "Gourmet from Luybymivka", a gourmet and an excellent cook, talks about a family business that has become a tradition.


The season of the popular European delicacy asparagus is in full swing

Magazine «Lisa» – 26.04.2020

About a simple but delicious recipe of asparagus; about the best combination of other products with asparagus for the perfect taste read in the magazine "Lisa".


Love, asparagus and exotic business

the page – 18.06.2019

The history of the establishment of the Agro Focus company, the care of asparagus and the difficulties that arise when growing and selling this unusual vegetable – asparagus, is described in an article from the page.


"Pershiy na seli" came to visit the asparagus fields in Lyubymivka

Pershiy na sel – 6.06.2018

Video episode from the "Gourmet from Luybymivka" farm. You will be able to see with your own eyes how asparagus is grown, processed and prepared for sale.


The most expensive spice is grown in Kherson region

UHBDP – 30.11.2016

The commentary by Larissa Boden about the cultivation of an unusual spice – saffron by Agro Focus.


The most expensive spice in the world has been harvested for the first time in Kherson region

TSN – 28.11.2016

TSN video episode about the first harvest of the most expensive seasoning in the world – saffron – at the "Gourmet from Luybymivka" farm.


Profitable sprout: how to make money on asparagus growing in Ukraine

Agravery – 19.10.2016

The development of the vegetable market encourages entrepreneurs to look for new, niche crops that can become both the main activity and an additional type of income. Larissa Boden, the founder of Agro Focus LLC, told about the history of the first asparagus plantation in Ukraine and the formation of the consumer market.


Asparagus production in Ukraine: a profitable investment or a huge problem? – 11.10.2016

Larissa Boden, founder and Anton Ostrometskiy, commercial director of Agro Focus talk about the company's experience in the interesting article about the prospects of growing asparagus, an unusual vegetable for Ukrainian.


Saffron is grown in Kakhovka district

Tavrian news – 27.09.2016

The first experimental saffron field in Ukraine was planted at the beginning of the year thanks to financial investments and support from Europe and Canada. The young association of agricultural producers of the Kakhovka region has already harvested its first harvest.