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Asparagus Gourmet

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Agro-Focus company under the brand "Gourmet z Lyubymivky" presents:

2018.11.05 asparagus

Green asparagus in a bunch or in a 3 kg XBAG for a long-term storage.

Ideal for salads, grilling or blanching. Spears do not need to be peeled, but 2-3cm of a woody part should be cut off. May be served either fresh or cooked.

2018.11.02 green sparga

White asparagus in a bunch or in a 3 kg XBAG for a long-term storage.

Ideal for making omelets, risotto and soups. It’s recommended to peel the spears and cut 2-3cm of a woody part. Serve cooked.

2018.11.02 white sparga

Purple asparagus in HEPRO packaging, which keeps asparagus fresh up to 7-10 days. It is also available in a 2.4 kg XBAG for a long-term storage.

Purple asparagus is ideal for salads. Spears do not need to be peeled, but 2-3cm of a woody part should be cut off. If cooked for more than 3-5 minutes, purple asparagus changes its purple color and turns green.

2018.11.02 purple sparga

Green Tips in HEPRO packaging, which keeps asparagus fresh up to 7-10 days. It is also available in a 2.4 kg XBAG for a long-term storage.

Asparagus tips is the juiciest the most delicious part of asparagus. Green tips is a perfect complement for any salad. Spears do not need to be peeled and there is no woody part to cut off.


Purple Asparagus

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asparagus web

Purple asparagus is a different asparagus variety that was cultivated by farmers in the Italian region of Albenga. That’s why it is also known worldwide as Violetto di Albenga.

Purple asparagus gets violet due to the high level of anthocyanin in the stems. Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant that possesses protective and preventative health benefits as well as anti-inflammatory properties. That's why purple asparagus is considered incredibly good for health.

Purple asparagus is much sweeter and tenderer than green asparagus. Thus, it is very suitable for use in salad. Still not only the taste encourages chefs to use purple asparagus, beautiful purple color of the plant serves as a great decoration to any salad dish.

Purple asparagus retains its color after brief cooking such as quick sautéing. However it loses its purple and changes to green if subjected to prolonged cooking. An interesting fact is that although the spears of the plant are of deep purple color, the ferns are actually green.

This year Gourmet z Lyubymivky is pleased to present purple asparagus cultivated in Ukraine. We believe that it will be a pleasure not only for your eyes but also for your stomach!


Health Benefits of Asparagus

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2018.11.02 korysni vlastyvosti 1Asparagus is considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables worldwide. The Chinese have used asparagus in traditional medicine for over 2000 years. The Egyptians, Romans and Greeks have praised asparagus’ therapeutic properties, especially its positive effect on the digestive system. Ukrainians have recently discovered the taste and positive effects of asparagus dishes, since its cultivation in Ukraine has started recently.

Asparagus contains many important micronutrients and macronutrients and biologically active compounds, such as vitamins A, C, B1, B2, PP, E and K, copper, phosphorus, manganese, iron, potassium, folic acid and asparagine. Vitamin K improves bone strength and promotes healthy blood clotting. Vitamin A improves eyesight; vitamin B helps to regulate blood sugar levels, while minerals support the immune system.

2018.11.02 korysni vlastyvosti 2Asparagus has the highest level of folic acid compared to any other vegetable. Folic acid improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Since a long time ago ladies make asparagus masks for the facial treatment. Moreover folic acid supports normal development of the fetus, so it’s recommended for pregnant women. Asparagus contains antioxidant glutathione - the elixir of health and youth. It protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight, pollution and prevents its aging.

The word "asparagine" and asparagus have the same roots. It was asparagus from which in 1906 French chemist isolated this amino acid. Asparagine helps to reduce arterial pressure, dilate blood vessels and trigger the work of heart muscle. Asparagine also has a diuretic effect; that’s why asparagus is a strong diuretic. Asparagus dishes help to remove chlorides, phosphates, uric acid and urea from the body; therefore asparagus is advised for gout patients and people with diseases of the urinary system.

2018.11.02 korysni vlastyvosti 3Asparagus is one of the most low-calorie vegetables and a perfect product for those who want to lose weight. Asparagus contains from 23 to 40 kcal per 100 g and a minimum percentage of fat (0.1%). Asparagus is recommended to diabetics as it enhances insulin's ability to transport glucose from the blood to the cells.

The healthiest asparagus is fresh asparagus. That is why it is advised to cook seasonal locally grown asparagus, since it contains the highest percentage of vitamins and minerals. "Agro-Focus" company makes everything possible so that Ukrainian asparagus "Gourmet z Lyubymivky" gets fresh and plenty of health benefits to the table of every Ukrainian.


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Green and White Asparagus in Ukraine and the World

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2018.11.02 green white1

Asparagus (sparrowgrass) belongs to the lily family and is a close relative of onion, garlic, turnip and gladiolus, although it does not look alike in appearance or taste. It is a green herbaceous plant, with curly or branched leaves.

2018.11.02 green white2Asparagus was cultivated by ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean region. The name "asparagus" comes from the Greek word "asparagos", which means "the young shoot". The Greeks appreciated the dishes from asparagus, but the Romans were the first to cultivate this delicious vegetable. In the 16th and 17th century, the fashion for asparagus dishes spreads and asparagus is planted in Northern Europe. It is during this period that asparagus takes name of "the royal vegetable", as asparagus becomes an important vegetable in the royal court menu. Asparagus gets to the USA with the colonists, but its cultivation begins not earlier than the 19th century. For Ukraine, asparagus is a new agricultural crop. Its cultivation has started in the last decade.

Asparagus is one of the most delicious, healthy and the most expensive vegetable crops. It is one of the first to mature in spring. Harvesting of young shoots begins in mid-April and lasts until mid-June. First two or three years after planting farmers take care of the plant, add mineral fertilizers, remove weeds, and loosen the soil. In the first two years you can collect a very limited number of shoots. In the first year harvesting is two weeks, the second - one month, and only the third year harvest lasts the whole season.

2018.11.02 green white3The technology of growing white and green asparagus is different, as white asparagus grows completely underground. Special ridges 25cm in height are made for white asparagus in spring. Then it is covered with a black film. Shoots of white asparagus get neatly dug off with hands or special scapula in such a way that soil returns back to the rows.

Those shoots that were left to grow above the ground become green asparagus. Green asparagus is cut with a knife as soon as it reaches 25 cm above the ground. Green asparagus fields in Europe and America are harvested with special equipment.

Asparagus production is a meticulous work, requiring patience and hard work all year round. Farmers of "Agro-Focus" cultivate asparagus with love and encouragement, so Ukrainian asparagus "Gourmet z Lyubymivky" has the best quality

2018.11.02 green white4