Agro-focus is a family business specialising in niche farming of unique cultures such as asparagus and saffron spice.

The aspiration to cultivate new crops is coming from the Boden family love to cook and good food. Living in a village located in Southern Ukraine made it impossible to buy Brussels sprouts, shallot onion, asparagus and varieties of salad at the local market which made Larissa Boden start cultivating vegetables and ingredients that her husband Johan uses cooking for the family and friends.

Availability of good farm land and desire, Larissa gave it a try. A hobby established 10 years ago turned into a small family business which as well are providing jobs to fellow villagers in Lyubymivka.

Currently, the company specialises in cultivation and promotion to selected customers and consumers in Ukraine of white and green asparagus, strawberries, garlic, fennel, sweet potatoes and even saffron. All produce is carefully grown, harvested and packed under the “Gourmet from Lubimovka” brand.

And this is not the limit! Every year we analyse farming possibility, examine market demand and explore a new cultures to grow.

TOV Agro Focus